Alan Bruton founded his studio in New York City in 2000 after more than a decade of working with architects, exhibition designers, interior designers, curators and artists on a wide range of projects.

He has worked closely with architects and designers William McDonough, Juan Pablo Molyneux, Maya Lin, Edwin Schlossberg, Richard Gluckman, Deborah Berke, and Rem Koolhass; curators Brian Wallace, Christopher Phillips, and Maurice Berger; artists Agnes Denes, Julie Ault, Martin Beck, and Dorit Margreiter; film makers Katharina Weingatner and Marcus Wailand, and urban sociologist Anette Baldauf.

Alan was an associate with Architecture Research Office, where he was the Project Architect for the Times Square Armed Forces Recruiting Station among other projects.

Other than the military industrial complex, he has contributed to projects for the photographer Larry Clark. the fashion designer Gianni Versace, the Catholic Church, Prada, and the Dalai Lama. Direct commissions have included exhibition designs for the International Center of Photography, the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, the Generali Foundation, and the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Currently moving his practice to Houston, Texas,  where he will direct the Bachelor of Science of Interior Architecture at the Gerald D. Hines School of Architecture and Design at the University of Houston, Alan has for ten years been faculty in the School of Constructed Environments at Parsons School of Design at The New School in New York.

With his Masters in Architecture from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Alan is committed to a critical design practice engaged in exploring potentials in relationships between material,  procedural, formal, spatial, economic and other sociocultural issues, in ongoing dialog with practitioners of diverse modes of cultural production. 

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