30 September 2015

    Alan has chosen the site, written the program and enrolled the international jury for the Timber in the City Competition. Run as studio in dozens of architecture schools throughout North America, the competition is publicized by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture and generously sponsored by the Binational Softwoods Lumber Council. Visit the ACSA competition site for more details. Look for an exhibition at Parsons in November 2016. @ParsonsTimber

05 September 2014

    Just mounted the Venice Biennale show at Parsons. Students and faculty have tactile access to the wide range of practices exhibited.

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20 July 2010

    Alan will be documenting the 12th Venice Biennale for Parsons starting August 26th, joined by Anees Assali,  a Palestinian architect and multimedia designer from from Jerusalem. 

18 July 2010

    Parsons Product Design senior Zane Murray will begin working on prototyping the Rorschach Space, pulling it into the 21st c.

15 July 2010

    The documentary film “The Gruen Effect" (Wailand Filmproduktion/ORF. Wien/New York 2010.)

Producers: Anette Baldauf and Katherina Weingartner.) is finally translated into English. It will be screened in February at the Austrian Cultural Forum.

    In the film, Alan gives commentary on aspects of Victor Gruen's tragic well-intentioned invention of the shopping mall in relationship to his concurrent work in theater set, exhibition, retail, building, and urban design. Anette Baldauf and Katerina Weingartner will be flying over in February for screenings in New York, we hope to screen in Detroit and Los Angeles as well. Purchase film here .

01 July 2010

    Great progress being made by MFA Lighting Design student Virna Abraham and myself on the Em and City4 Projects. We’re working on the background for an article to publish in the journal Critical Productive, and are building a trans-disciplinary team to consider taking the project to the next step.

20 June 2010

    Getting closer to the subject artifacts for Em’s color studies. Speaking with the conservators about the potential for an exhibition. More to come soon.

22 September 2010

    Dates in early February are in the works for screenings of  the film ‘The Gruen Effect’, a documentary film about Victor Gruen, consumerism, and the transformation of our cities at the MAK in Los Angeles, Northland Mall in Detroit, and the Austrian Culture Forum in New York in association with the Municipal Arts Society.

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01 February 2012

    Alan appointed as Director of Summer Programs at the School of Constructed Environments. This entails the leadership of an expanding set of programs

4 and 5 weeks in duration in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design and Lighting Design. All in all there are 12 studios with a faculty of 48.

01 July 2012

    Alan has received his NCIDQ - National Council of Interior Design Qualification - status to receive a NY State License to practice Interior Design

5 October 2015

    The Chicago Biennial show gathered for Parsons is up. What a great first biennial exhibition in Chicago. Sarah Herda and Joseph Grima have curated a sensitive and spectacular cross section of questions and practices !

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1 May 2016

    Alan has been appointed to Director of Interior Architecture at the Gerald D. Hines School of Architecture and Design at the University of Houston.