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Rorschach Space

1996 and Current

Based on research into the development and structure of the Rorschach Ink Blot Psycho-Diagnostic Test Series, the Rorschach Space project interprets the ten iconic inkblots as a set of construction drawings.

If presented with slices of a brain, knowing that each of them is a sequential section of that organ, one can imagine how to reconstruct the brain’s form from these sections. What, then, if you were presented with sectional representations of a psyche, could you similarly construct a form for that psyche? Hermann Rorschach’s writings point to just such a parallel within his blot series.

The project develops a material view of the psyche (that of Dr. Rorschach himself, presumably) placing it within the realm of the authored, communicative artifacts of material culture.

Consisting of video, models, and drawings describing a contiguous set of nine spatial modules, each defining the newly mapped space between two of the ten blots, the project seeks to probe topics of symmetry, anthropomorphism, abstraction and representation in design and ornamentation.

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Architecture • Interior • Design •  Research

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