Sally Sherwin Book

2019 - ongoing

A book to celebrate the wonderful interior architect who shaped modern Houston in so many surprising ways.

First I fell in love with Magic Island, the Pharaoh of the Southwest Freeway, then I discovered Walsh designed it;’s innards, the Wilson Stationers Office Furnishings Building (with John Bertini, 1970).

Then I fall in love with the all but abandoned mid mod compound at 1953 Richmond, Taylor and Keeland, 1954, former studio of photographer Fred Winchell, only to find  out that Walsh lived there for years.

In fact, Sally Walsh put a hundred dollar bill in Winchell’s palm years before and said call me when you want to sell.

She chose the furniture in my office.


- Viceroy of Chicago

  1. -Rotating the W

  2. -MadWoman

  3. -Magic Island

  4. -Paper Machine

  5. -Good Taste Box

  6. -The Buddah of Suburbia

  7. -Burolandschaft

  8. -Monticello

  9. -Surveillance

  10. -Winos of Barcelona

  11. -Sherwin Ltd.

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Sally Sherwin Walsh Book
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