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Salon, a game of Tables & Chairs


    As part of a wide look into the nature of play in the creation process and inhabitation of spatial designs, “Salon, a game of Table & Chairs” adapts the familiar  space of the gridded Chess and Checker board to produce an interactive environment which refers specifically to the scale and protocols of the interior, rather than the plains of war.

The game play of Salon is altogether less metaphorically violent than the space of Chess. Salon, building upon the social history of cultural Salons as places of creative and intellectual dialog, the game of Tables & Chairs is a game of civil and somewhat collaborative interaction, while also being strategic and competitive.

Currently the game is Patent Pending. The prototypes for the 2-4 player board game and the room scale group play versions are complete, and the virtual reality version is beginning development.

Salon was formally debuted at the “Interior Provocations Symposium: Interiors without Architecture”, at Pratt Institute 2018.

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